This is where we will store some familiar and not so familiar vocabulary so our readers will be able to decode our posts if need be. Click on the word for a link to an example. Here's a term list from ABC-CLIO that's awesomely thorough by Joan M Reitz and another term list from Indiana University Libraries that's also helpful (all about collaboration on this site). This term list from AbeBooks is also a very good resource. 

Dentelle - patterned border along the inner edge of a book, most often done in gilt. Older books have dentelle on the outside covers themselves but modern books have it on the inner edge.

Gauffered edges - patterns or decorations made on the edges of a book.

Turn in- where the cover material folds over the boards of the binding. It's usually folded over and the endpaper is pasted on top of it (a.k.a. paste-down).

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