Helpful links

Here's a list of resources we find the most helpful when doing our binding research and other cataloging research too. This includes binding designers, publishers, date estimation, series information, etc...:

  • 19th century American children's book trade directory by the American Antiquarian Society
  • Amy Sacker website by Mark Schumacher
  • Art of American book covers, 1875-1930 by Richard Minsky (UNCG catalog)
  • Art of American book covers blog by Richard Minsky
  • Artists of the book in Boston, 1890-1910 by Nancy Finlay (UNCG catalog)
  • Book cover art of Thomas Watson Ball by Richard Minksy (UNCG catalog)
  • Bruce Rogers : designer of books by Frederic Warde and Irwin Haas (UNCG catalog)
  • Collectible books: some new paths edited by Jean Peters. Specifically the chapter: American trade bindings and their designers, 1880-1915 written by Charles Gullans and John Espey. (UNCG catalog)
  • Decorative cloth in America : publisher's bindings, 1840-1910 by Sue Allen and Charles B. Gullans (UNCG catalog)
  • Decorative cover website from the New York Society Library
  • Girls series books : a checklist of titles published 1840-1991 by the University of Minnesota
  • Google Books especially to search Publisher's Weekly. Publisher's Weekly is full of helpful information. A lot of times they'll have short bios on companies and the people responsible for the companies. Plus, the detailed ads are hard to beat.
  • History of book publishing in the United States by John William Tebbel (UNCG catalog)
  • History of Stone & Kimball and Herbert S. Stone & Co. : with a bibliography of their publications, 1893-1905 by Sidney Kramer (UNCG catalog)
  • Internet Archive especially to compare our copy to other digitize copies. This also has some Publisher's Weekly's digitized and the Dial and Writer and all those good writing publications.
  • Literary annuals and gift books : a bibliography, 1823-1903 by Frederick W. Faxon (UNCG catalog)
  • Lucile project website by Sidney Huttner
  • Margaret Armstrong and American trade bindings : with a checklist of her designed bindings and covers by Charles B. Gullans and John J. Espey (UNCG catalog)
  • Merle Johnson's American first editions by Merie De Vore Johnson (UNCG catalog)
  • New York Times online - we have a subscription through Proquest dating back to 1851. Check with your local library to see if they have access. This is a great resource for advertisements. (UNCG catalog)
  • PBO website by the University of Alabama
  • RBMS controlled vocabulary by the American Library Association (maintained by Elspeth Healey)
  • Sarah Wyman Whitman Flickr page by the Boston Public Library
  • The proper decoration of book covers : the life and work of Alice C. Morse by Mindell Dubansky (UNCG catalog)

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